Are you ready to start building your brand new ecommerce website? You have a wide selection of platforms to choose from, but one of the most reliable is WooCommerce. This is an open source plugin that works with WordPress, and it requires an ecommerce hosting account to store all your files and secure your website.

Hosting is also required for solutions like Magento and any other opensource system, so it’s nice to know which of the hosting platforms are best for building and scaling up your online store. Hundreds of hosts are available for you to play around with, so keep reading to learn about the best solutions for you.

SingleWebSolution Hosting:

The SingleWebSolution Cpanel interface is one of the easiest you can find on the market. When it comes to making an eCommerce shop on WordPress, SingleWebSolution provides a wonderful one click installation for WordPress. Not only that, but it has a plan that’s specifically made for integrating WooCommerce onto your WordPress site. The SingleWebSolution ecommerce hosting backend is easy to move around in, so you can manage email accounts for keeping in contact with your customers, and all the databases are right on the dashboard. The cPanel offers some quick buttons for creating sub domains and domains, which is wonderful for expanding upon your ecommerce empire and making other websites that may help you along the way.


The TheWebInsight WordPress hosting platform is Specially built for WordPress, so even beginners can get setup on the content management system. You need to install the WooCommerce plugin by yourself, but TheWebInsight has partnered with WooCommerce to offer a wide range of documentation options and features that are built to make your ecommerce site run smoothly from the backend.